Reflective Summary

So What?

At the beginning of this year, my expectation was, to improve my CAD and communication/ presentation skills, during this year.

Night Watch was first project in this year, which fascinate me at the beginning. I used ARDUINO software which was really challenging for me to combine movement sensor/ rotation motor with my 3D model. ff1

My design started by Pinata and I used laser cutter and I did professional photos in university studio.


Globalization essay was an lovely subject, where I learn how to think critical about an exhibition, I made connections for different context about exhibits. I choose Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Switzerland, and I start to love watches and mechanisms/ complications. I was profound impressed about the quality and the perfection about their watches, and how professional they are with curatorial work in museum.  Maybe in one day I will be capable to create a design starting by a watch mechanism.


Material Lab was a project, where, I finally learn and understand what exactly mean design process and the steps. In year one I was really confuse about design process, it was absolutely missing in my work. This year, Dawn explain me and make me understand design process and main steps in a project. This was the moment when I stopped working chaotic, I remember that after my one to one tutorial with Dawn, it was like a revelation for me. My design for this project started by a butterfly frame to a triangle/ cubism space.

2015-03-02 18.49.02

Developing Skills with Drawing, 3D and Networking Skills was an useful unit for me this year. Mo use to fix some knowledge in Drawing Class and especially in Networking Skills classes. Mo is a really good orator, sometimes make me feel like I learn politics, which is not a bad idea considering that everywhere is politics.  This is our design scheme for Networking skills:2015-04-24 11.54.36

Unfortunately 3D classes was under my expectation, not challenging at all. This unit was replaced in a way, because Dawn introduce us Henry Landon for 3D models. Henry make me understand more about models, he explain me what software should I use for 3D printer and for orthographic drawings, in the same time he explain me what materials works good for my models. I loved to met him and to learn from his knowledge.

I used origamic architecture for my final poster “Nostalgia for an age yet to come – 2025”. I basically create a street for the future:

2015-04-28 16.17.20

This is my final poster for Developing Shills:

A2 ffff

Street Space project is a project which started with a design based on Luton history. My design starts by a hat and because Henry told me about PAT G material, I use it and I create this models which I am really happy with:

2015-06-06 14.48.53 2015-06-06 14.49.15 2015-05-08 17.16.33

For this project I started to learn and use Google Sketch Up and Auto CAD.

plan+scris perspective 2

At the end of this year I am pretty happy with my new skills and that I grow some old one. I love that I was forced in a way to learn Google Sketch Up and Auto CAD, because my mind work better under the pressure. If I know that I have more time, I am not too focus, but for this project, I was forced because there was too many requirements comparing with precedents projects, my time management wasn’t too good because I couldn’t estimate some parts the project (how can I estimate a CAD drawing time if I don’t now CAD) and at the end, the time pressure, make me learn more to can complete my task.

My final presentation for Street Space in my opinion was good, I was trying to focus more at the content, to respect main steps and to don’t miss information. I was trying to improve my vocabulary and my presentations skills and I think this one was my best one until now.

For this year I think my main goal was touch and I feel really good now with what I did and learn. I worked all year with no brakes, sometimes with creativity, sometimes with no creativity, but I grow a lot as a knowledge and Dawn helped me a lot with her advice and especially with growing my confidence.

Now What?

During this summer, I want to learn 3D Studio Max, to can use 3D printer for my final model next year. I want to grow my Auto Cad skills, because now are really poor. I want to learn how to scan 3D objects to can modify existing files and to can be more creative in CAD. I will be more focus when I will choose what to visit this summer and I already joined in few architectural environment to be up to date with everything is new.


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