Street Space Exhibition and Final Critique

So What?

For this exhibition we decided to work as a team, each of us has a task.

I was supposed to create a poster in collaboration with Dawn. Eunice and Honey was responsible with drinks and snakes, Fatma and Thalia was responsible with curatorial work and Ilum was supposed to send an eMail to the team with a minute of meeting (about exhibition).

This is the Street Space Exhibition Poster which was created by Dawn:

streetspace posterCuratorial work:

Dawn had a lovely idea about the curation, she use some orange lines from walls to floor. This gives the space a freedom and a non conformance sense. I think it works perfect with our project and with the furniture.


We organised the furniture in a parallelism way and after this we start to organize the exhibits.


We measure the walls for posters, to be everything at same level and good centered to the wall.20150518_11501420150518_11492920150511_112914        20150511_150202 20150511_150207  20150511_15031020150511_15031920150518_11495620150518_114946

Here are part of my sketch models:

20150511_112822         20150511_15084720150511_150839 20150511_150845 20150511_15085220150511_15102920150511_11280020150511_15100220150511_150957


Here is my final model with materials:

20150511_11273720150511_112724Fatma models and Portfolio:20150511_15032920150511_15034320150511_150408               20150511_15093820150511_15094120150511_15094720150511_150951      Honey Models:20150511_15090120150511_15090720150511_150414Eunice Model:20150511_150438Ilum Models:20150511_15042120150511_150925

This exhibition was absolutely interesting in terms of team working. I remembered when we start this project, we discussed about what means team and if we are a team. My thoughts at that time was that it will be nice to be a team and after we are a team to work as a team.

It is very easy, nice and fun to work with people who have same goal, basically all the team is going to same direction. In this case I don’t feel a team, I was pieced off when I was there at 10:00 AM and it was nobody except Dawn. So I should wait like few hours to come everybody (this is not happened first time). I almost feel like I’m loosing my time, and I really don’t have time to waste. I didn’t know exactly how to manage this, if is good  to tell them about or just to ignore, which will never fix this problem.

Coming back to the subject, I think my presentation skills are growing comparing with first year. I think my English is better now, of course far from an academic language but I feel some improvements. I was trying to focus on my presentation, to make it better, I know it is not enough to have a good work if you are not able to sell it. Overall I was happy after this final critique, I work hard for my portfolio too and I feel really good when Dawn write at the end of feedback, “excellent”.

Now What?

Now, I need a brake, I feel really tired if I have to be honest. But considering my presentation for final critique I think I should read more in English to develop my vocabulary, and in the same time my presentations. I should learn more about curatorial work, I was absolutely impressed about Dawn’s work and her idea.


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