Deliver – final design

So What?

In this part of the project I have to establish the final design and to deliver all brief requirements:

I create some staircase on a fan shape, using a hat shape as a base:

2015-05-07 08.04.37 2015-05-07 08.04.41

Starting by my teleport station:

2015-04-19 00.09.14

I was thinking to create a complex with few hats projections. I was thinking to have the base and the ceiling in a hat shape and chairs in a hat shape too.

I was thinking to use Arduino for rotation for my final model. My idea is to make some hats projections on peoples heads and in that way, they can interact with my intervention and could be with different style of hats according with the period when it was made. In the same time, I was thinking to use some small phone projection for my final model because I want to have a good visual at the end.

2015-05-07 08.02.20

I like the projection idea but I don’t like my design. In my opinion here is not to much design and I was focus more to technological part. So, I started to create more sketches with different design:
2015-05-07 08.02.37 2015-05-07 08.03.412015-05-07 08.02.45

Here I was thinking to have a movement for my ceiling (up to down):

2015-05-07 08.03.05 2015-05-07 08.03.102015-05-07 08.03.18

Here I wanted to mix the fan staircase idea with a combination of hats:

2015-05-07 08.03.252015-05-07 08.03.30

Combinations with hats:

2015-05-07 08.03.35

Starting by this hats combination, I had a chat with Dawn and I decided that my final model will be this:2015-05-07 08.04.08

Basically it will be a sitting stand where I can make some projections. It will be at the ground level, no staircase and I am thinking to put some renewable energy on the ceiling because it is on street and I will need lights during the night and for projection.
2015-05-07 08.04.15

I spoke with Henry about my final model and he recommended me to use PET G material, which, he said that is suitable for my shape.

I start to create my shape for PET G because I wanted to make it from one sheet of Pal G. I want my final model to has stability and to look professional. I choose the dimensions according with the outside space and my needs. I consider 6 m square for the base with 2 m square for sitting area and with a 3 m high. I was looking in Metric Handbook – Planing and design data, and a 3 m high is according with the standard. The other dimensions for the base/ plan are according with my design, I was trying to respect the design as much as I can.

2015-05-07 08.04.21

Starting by this, I ordered PAT G and Hot Gun and I start to work. I was a little bit afraid about this material because I never use it before, my time is limited and I couldn’t estimate any time for it because I knew nothing about. This part with time estimating is absolutely killing me especial when I am using something new.

My thoughts was to create my final model at 1:20 scale. Because I used laser cutter for cutting Pat G material, I was limited with laser cutter dimensions. My model at scale 1:20 was too high for university laser cutter. So, I have to change my dimension and to go around 1:25 scale which is not a standard one but this was one of the improvising which I should make it in that moment.

2015-05-08 11.36.03

I decided to cut 3 similar shape just to be shore that if I have any mistake I have 2 more…

2015-05-08 11.36.18

After laser cutter I used Hot Gun to melted my material.

2015-05-08 11.50.09 2015-05-08 12.53.10

Here there are 2 models superposed, I had some problems with the height because the material is really thin.

2015-05-08 13.06.35

After I had an initial structure, I started to create my seat using Henry’s tips. Which means that any corner and edge will be perfect and nobody will can see any cut or stick of the paper/ cardboard.

2015-05-08 13.23.31

I putted all together and this is my final model: 2015-05-08 17.10.28 2015-05-08 17.10.34 2015-05-08 17.16.33 2015-05-08 22.00.49

I an really happy that I use PAT G and now, I know how it works and what I can do or not with it. At the end I was on time with my model, I had moments when I thought that this project will not finished well. Because my order came late, I had a huge problem with laser cutter appointment. The good part is that I did it, I finished on time and is done. I can not say that I am very happy with this design, I consider it poor in a way. I like it, but I think something is missing.

I started to play with lights and shadows:

2015-05-08 21.36.50 2015-05-08 21.44.34 2015-05-08 22.01.28 2015-05-08 22.02.25 2015-05-08 22.09.55 2015-05-08 22.10.19 2015-05-08 22.12.10 2015-05-08 22.12.43 2015-05-08 22.13.13 2015-05-08 22.13.27

I love the way how shadows are stronger than initial model. So I create one more model and I started to play with lights on bought:

2015-05-08 22.18.44 2015-05-08 22.19.14 2015-05-08 22.19.41 2015-05-08 22.22.50 2015-05-08 22.24.19 2015-05-08 22.25.34 2015-05-08 22.26.00

Because I had 2 more materials I considered to make two more models and to be more playful:

I used some parts from my “Night Watch” model.

2015-06-06 14.47.34 2015-06-06 14.48.21 2015-06-06 14.48.53 2015-06-06 14.49.15 2015-06-06 14.49.29 2015-06-06 14.49.40 2015-06-06 14.49.59 2015-06-06 15.03.01 2015-06-06 15.05.00 2015-06-06 15.05.29 2015-06-06 15.06.27 2015-06-06 15.07.07

Here are all three models:

2015-06-06 14.54.43 2015-06-06 14.56.30

For my final model, I start working in Google Sketch Up:

Back view Elevation Perspective:front view Left view Perspective 1


Plan Right view


Section AA


Section BB


section CC

I use Sketch Up Sections and Plan, which are not proper, they look more as a perspective than a section. So I change it and I make it again using Auto CAD which was absolutely challenging for me, considering that I never use it before. I had it installed on my computer but I didn’t have time to work with. This was the most interesting part, to learn it under the time pressure.


ELEVATION:elevatie + scris


sectiune neplutitaPERSPECTIVE:

Playing with different textures, I like this visual:

perspective 2

perspective 3 perspective color


Perspectiva 1 in mapping Perspective 1 in mapping

Site Analysis:


Site Observation:


Site Context Plan:


Final Posters A1:

Slide1 Slide1

Now What?

Now, I will work for Portfolio which will include all the brief requirements.


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