RRJ Networking Skills

So What?

This unit was organised in 6 workshops and for this project, we ware asked to present a design idea based on students needs.

On first workshop, Mo explain us how to speak with confidence, how to create a professional presence and how to work as a team.

On second workshop we ware ask to design a questionnaire and to speak about crit, what is good and what is bed:

11091267_10200457628680166_1046827585_n 11160093_10200457628280156_1151808016_n After this, in next workshop, Mo teach us how to be a good presenter. The idea was to present in front of the class and to consider the body language, positive attitude, eye contact, voice control and content. Mo explain us how to organize our self, how to control our respiration and to keep the goal in our mind to can not lose focus. Keeping our goal in mind is really important for me, most of the time when I presented my work, I forget thinks and I am worry after, because I use to work plenty of time for each project and at the end I feel so bed when I realize that I forget to speak about few parts of my project. I think that I will start write on my hand or a small paper the main idea about I will want to speak.

As well in this workshop, we start work as a team to create a design proposal for improving student life in our campus.

We choose to design a cafe area where student can socialize, drink cafe and in that space will be a quiz area, where will be art questions. The idea was to have a relaxing space where we can learn and have fun in the same time.

2015-04-24 11.54.36

In the last workshop we presented our idea as a team, each one should speak few seconds about his part. It was absolutely interesting how we managed to work as a team. Each one choose a part to speak about, we had one repetition before and after we present in front of the other teams.

In same workshop, Mo explain us how to create our CV, where to ask for help and how important is to change the CV for each job where we decided to apply.

There are 9 types of intelligence: musical- rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily- kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existential (http://skyview.vansd.org/). Starting by this point of view, I think that is important to start to grow each one. It is not enough to have 140 IQ result or just A+ mark at uni but in the same time to don’t be able to sell yourself.

I consider really important this unit, Networking Skills, selling yourself or speaking with confidence are important skills.

Now What?

Definitely I will develop my professional network, I will work more to improve my speaking confidence, read more in English because I still have problems with grammar and vocabulary. I will involve myself in more activities, volunteering and professional meetings. I will start to record my speaking and to improve it starting with body language, attitude and content.


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