So What?

During 3D classes we use to develop our creativity in a 3D way, using different materials or techniques.

We use to create a 3D letter and to decorate it, which was an interesting class. We start thinking how to transform 2D object into 3D one, with less possible cuts.

20150126_153209 - Copy20150126_161909 - Copy

We use to create 3D paper craft just thinking to one word. This was interesting too, because our mind start to create something linked to that word. We have 30 seconds to create a craft from an A4 paper, and the results was absolutely correlated with the word.

Freedom:20150127_12221020150127_12215920150127_122914 - Copy20150202_142740 - Copy20150127_123942 - Copy20150127_123534 - Copy







We use to make a 3D model using different materials like a soft wood, and the idea was to start to develop or final poster “Nostalgia for an age yet to come 2025”.

I was thinking to create a gate, a gate for the future, my thought was to compare present with the future in same visual and to have a gate between them.


We had as a homework to create some moodboards. They should be according with the brief and using newspapers:

2015-03-28 15.08.35

This one was politic one which I consider that will never change. Is happen now, it will happen in 2025. I think that “if my vote counted then I will not have right to vote”.

I decided not to go to politics which I consider negative, but to try something architectural or close to my soul.

After all this 3D experience, I was starting to make some research about artists, crafts, future, buildings, designs and to try to define my final idea for the poster. I looked to origamic architecture which I found it very interesting. I started to reproduce some free pattern. This work takes a lot of time, but the result is amazing.

2015-04-28 16.32.27 2015-04-28 16.16.43 2015-04-28 16.17.20 2015-04-28 16.17.47 2015-04-28 16.36.21 2015-04-28 16.34.22 2015-04-28 16.35.20 baudandbui3 2015-04-28 16.28.13 2015-04-28 16.29.55

2015-04-28 16.29.01

I started to love oregamic architecture, I started to play with the lights. I didn’t want my final poster to be something finished, I was thinking to create just an illusion or an idea. The viewer have to use his imagination for what could be there.

I choose this image for my final poster:


I started to edit it in Photoshop just to come with a nicer visual at the end:


It looks like a road, so,  I decided to make the road or the trip to the future:

A2 ffff

I am happy with my final poster, I consider I respected the brief, and all my research and all 3D classes helps me a lot do design it.

This unit was really useful for me, it helps me to see thinks from a different angle.

Now What?

I will continue to make more crafts starting by origamic architecture and I will try to create my own pattern. I know this means a lot of energy, patience and endurance. I really like what I am doing and I think that’s why I am dedicated. I will research more and try to use more and different materials to can grow and develop myself.


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