Employability map and Presenting yourself.

So What?

Employability map:



This map is organized in 4 different areas of activities:

  1. Practitioner and Transferable skills
  2. Personal and Professional Development
  3. Portfolio Experience
  4. Professional Recognition and Endorsement

All this activities are Curricular or Co-Curricular or Extra Curricular.


  • Skills to initiate, plan, develop and manage creative projects developed in all courses
  • Competences for the world of work assessed
  • Portfolios assessed and used to develop professional portfolios
  • Professional practice assessed as part of the course
  • Industry attends degree show exhibition

Co – Curricular:

  • Professional talks on Copyright for Artists and Designers
  • Workshop on display and curatorial practice
  • Course and department student reps
  • Portfolio surgeries for all students and graduates
  • “Industry Friday” support for students to work on personal commissions
  • Projects end with a public show, developing skills in marketing networking and presentation
  • Discounted membership subscription to Design and Art Direction professional body
  • Making it Happen a dedicated portal for jobs and opportunities

Extra Curricular:

  • Careers and Employability Service
  • Careers support for 1 year after graduation
  • Cultural visit to China
  • Studio and Industry visits
  • Student societies
  • Guest speakers from professional bodies in Art and Design
  • HEAR
  • Beds EDGE award
  • Community Volunteering
  • Beds SU Volunteering

This map was developed to support us in employment process. I am happy to say that I was part of all curricular and co-curricular activities. From extra curricular activities, I went to careers support for advice. I also went last year in China trip organised by University of Bedfordshire, I choose Beijing and this was an amazing cultural experience.

I am thinking for this summer to develop all extra curricular activities. First of all I will choose some volunteering activities, probably in interior design, because I have a lot to learn and in the same time I will can start to create a professional network in this area.

I am already on LinkedIn professional network, where I follow the most important companies and communities in interior design and architecture all over the world. This is already help me to be up to date with all news in my area.

Starting by this map, Mo give us a link to reflect about using people’s skills:

https://www.barclayslifeskills.com/how-do-i-get-ahead-using-people-skills/ (Life skills, created by Barclays)

Barclays skills

This site is organize in 4 parts:

  1. Discovering your people skills
  • Know your skills
  • What are people skills?
  • Why are people skills important?
  • The top 5 skills employers are looking for
  • Adding more skills to your toolbox
  1. Growing your people skills
  • Rate your skills
  • Which skills do you already have?
  • Improve your skills
  • Words of inspiration: learning and growing
  • Got skills? Prove it
  1. Building your confidence
  • Face your fears
  • Words of inspiration: self- confidence
  • 5 tips to boost your confidence
  • Knowing yourself and what you want
  • Dealing with different personalities
  1. Putting your people skills into practice
  • The workplace challenge
  • Using your skills at work
  • First impressions count
  • Managing your emotions at work
  • Building positive relationship at work

I create an account and I started to respond to quiz.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 01.27.51 Screenshot 2015-05-18 01.28.00

This is an interactive eLearning platform created by Barclays which I consider very useful for everybody who are looking for a job or who want to grow or to develop some skills.

It is absolutely important to know yourself, to know your value on market, to know other people value. It is important to know what skills you have and in the same time at what level you are on that skill.

Now What?

Starting by employability map, I will try to improve all my existent skills and in my case I will have to learn how to sell myself into an interview. I will try to analyze myself better and to understand what exactly a company want for me and what exactly I can offer. This site help me to see from bought sides as an employer and as a employee. For shore I will work as a volunteer this summer, I feel this as a weakness in my CV.


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