Workshop 5 – Developing Skills

So What?

This workshop started with a discussion about CV/ Resume:

2015-05-05 16.01.51 2015-05-05 16.02.03 2015-05-05 16.02.13

Mo told us how important is to work as a volunteer, even just for one day. How important is to become member to any professional, interior design in my case, body. Mo explain us how we will have to change the CV for each job where we will apply. For example, Mo told us that in “The Guardian”, they say about the most popular font used for CV is Helvetica, so we will have to be careful with all this details.

In the second part of this workshop, we had to present our Project, in my case “ARC Cafe”. This is a team project where we have to design a space which will help students life in our campus. We choose to design a cafe area where student can socialize, drink cafe and in that space will be a quiz area, where will be art questions. The idea was to have a relaxing space where we can learn and have fun in the same time.

We had 5 min to present our idea and to sell it, respecting some steps.

1. Carly was speaking briefly about out Student Experience Project Idea.

2. Jeniffer gave some more details about our idea.

3. Ilum spoke about the positive impact.

4. I was speaking how this project will make a positive difference.

5. Honney spoke about how students will be involved.

6. At the end, Eunice sell the idea.

This was a really good practice for use, working as a team and speaking in front of other student with limited time.

Now What?

I will start to make some research about professional body and I will become member. I will update my CV according with Mo brief and I’ll check studentlife/careers/cv and I’ll go to university for some help in editing my CV.


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