Origamic Architecture.

So What?

According with the brief  for “2025 – Nostalgia for an age yet to come”, we are supposed to start our design by a 3D model or a drawing from Developing Skill Set.

I started to make some research in previews blogs and I decided to start to create some origamic architecture as a point of start.

I downloaded some free template and I started to work:



2015-04-28 16.32.27

After I cut it and fold it, I started to play with the lights:

2015-04-28 16.16.43 2015-04-28 16.17.04 2015-04-28 16.17.20 2015-04-28 16.17.47 2015-04-28 16.18.38 2015-04-28 16.18.57 2015-04-28 16.20.11

I love the shadows and I think I will use some lights and shadows for my final poster.

I choose another origamic shape for playing and understanding more how it works:

2015-04-28 16.36.21

This is a simple shape but I thing with some proper lights can look nice:

2015-04-28 16.34.22 2015-04-28 16.34.34 2015-04-28 16.35.04 2015-04-28 16.35.20 2015-04-28 16.35.42

My third origamic experience will be more sophisticated or with more details because I love the way how the light create shadows and how the final outcome looks.

I choose a free template:

baudandbui2 http://www.cartes-voeux.info/index-uk.html

I Photoshop it, because I didn’t want to have my final outcome with this colour, I prefer white paper:


After cut and fold, I started to play with lights:

2015-04-28 16.32.272015-04-28 16.27.58 2015-04-28 16.28.13 2015-04-28 16.29.01 2015-04-28 16.29.31 2015-04-28 16.29.55 2015-04-28 16.30.10

I am happy with this shadows as a final visual. I think I will start my design by one of this origamic sculpture.

For our final poster, we are suppose to consider concepts such: identity, culture, technology, society and politics, the world and sustainability.

I was thinking to choose a society and culture as part of my design developing. At the beginning I was thinking to create a parallel between present and future in a visual way, but after some research on internet I change my mind. I want just to create an illusion and to do not give all the information on my final visual. I’ll give just an idea and maybe I’ll let space for imagination.

Out present thoughts, feelings and attitude in a way, will create our future. So I decided to show the way, the road between the present and the future which is all the time according with our attitude.


I love this image, which in a way is showing you a direction to something. It is your choose something what, if it will be good or not, but everything is depending of each person in part.

 I start editing in Photoshop, I was thinking to create a different texture:f1

After few editing in Photoshop, I decided to let it simple, and just to add some yellow lines  on initial image, just to create a road illusion into the initial lights:

A2 ffff

I am really happy with this road illusion through the future in a culture context. I thing it is respecting the brief and I started by a paper sculpture from my personal research.

Now what?

I will try to ask my tutor for some feedback before to upload it in Turnitin and to check again the brief to be absolutely shore that I respected everything.


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