Networking/ Presentation Skills: Voice

So what?

In this workshop, we spoke about presentations and how to be a good Presenter.

Mo gave us some useful tips how to be a great presenter:

1. Always keep the goal in mind so, we never lose focus.

2. We are on stage because we deserve to be there.

3. Keep in mind that our presentation can influence the lives of the audience.

4. Wear something comfortable and discret.

5. Never interrupt a question from audience.

6. Generate an empathetic connection with the audience.

7. Change our own inner disposition, audience is like a mirror.

8. The important impact of the tone of voice.

9. Be coherent.

10. Remember that the audience is made up of intelligent people.

We should choose what type of presenter are each.

2015-04-27 22.32.10

I had to choose between Hero, Innocent, Trickster, King, Mother and Joker.

In my opinion I am Joker bur speaking with my colleagues, they said King. It was really interesting to see how other people see you.

Top ten thoughts about networking skills are:

1. Authenticity – be the bet version of yourself.

2. Frameworks – place your words within a manageable framework each.

3. Archetypes – choose who do you want to be.

4. Creating Belief – your communication is the end game.

5. Connections are what you are trying to make every time.

6. Information and Artistic Persuasion are needed to have impact.

7. Instinct/ Rational Thinking drives our perception of people and they of us.

8. EPIC model is what we will refer back to every time.

9. Control the Risk Equation – how much of risk to do you need to take each time.

10. The power of three – remember structure is king! Past/ Present/ Future/ Start/ Middle/ End.

Mo gave us some little cards used for stimulate creativity:

2015-04-27 22.32.32 2015-04-27 22.32.37 2015-04-27 22.32.48Each group should start to build a design proposal to improve students life in this building. In my group, we choose to create a cafe social area:

2015-04-24 11.54.36

We let our imagination to work and after some brainstorming we had an idea about what we will create.

Now what?

For next session we have to present our idea and design proposal, so I will have to meet my team and to finish our design.

Now what?


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