What is good about critique.

So what?

In this class, we spoke about critique, what is good or bad and if is helpful to somebody critique my work or not.

Mo organized us in groups. We ware 4 people in each group and each one has a number.

No. 1 should speak about positive/best bits, no. 2 was speaking about the audience, no. 3 spoke about fall out, bad thinks about the crit and the last one, no.4 spoke about worst bits.

11180110_10200457629600189_229393901_n11124536_10200457628520162_867065833_n 11091267_10200457628680166_1046827585_n 11165876_10200457629560188_673362508_n 11124622_10200457628880171_870775405_n

At the end of this workshop we designed a critique template:

11160093_10200457628280156_1151808016_n  Now what?

After this workshop I will pay more attention for critique, I consider that critique is very important in our growing and learning process. It is really important haw we give critique, what words we choose to motivate a person but in the same time to show what is good or not. At the other side is important to receive our critique/feedback, and to use it in a constructive way.


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