Design develop.

So what?

For this part of the project we should have 5 x 5 moodboards fully completed, a final idea, a zone plans showing flow, function and journey. Initial orthographic scale drawing, plans, elevations, sections with site considerations.

I started to develop more ideas, more sketches and sketch models.

2015-04-19 11.30.15 2015-04-19 11.30.22 2015-04-19 11.30.29 2015-04-19 11.30.51 2015-04-19 11.30.58

I started to play with some sketch models and to create a social area starting by a hat:2015-04-18 23.51.20 2015-04-18 23.51.39

Considering that the street is longer, I design two entrance for this area. My thought was to don’t obstruct the traffic but in the same time to have a nice social area.

2015-04-18 23.52.53 2015-04-18 23.53.20 2015-04-18 23.55.23

I was thinking that a playing area for children could be interesting in that space. I integrated a toboggan into a hat design, Scale 1:20.

2015-04-18 23.57.59 2015-04-18 23.58.35 2015-04-18 23.59.21 2015-04-19 00.00.54 2015-04-19 00.03.27

For my third sketch model, I designed a teleport station. My idea was to teleport people in past and not in the future how probably everybody is expecting. My idea was to teleport them in Luton’s history, and basically to make some hats projections on peoples hats, and to create an aristocratic illusion for few moments for them, especially for ladies.

2015-04-19 00.07.45 2015-04-19 00.09.14 2015-04-19 00.10.06 2015-04-19 00.11.20

After this changes, sketch models, I started to create 5 mood boards:

mood 1 mood 2 mood 3 mood 4 mood 5

I used Google Sketch Up and I define my space, I measured part of the space (I had the plan from my previews project “Material Lab”) and I estimated for the other part to can see how it fits my design in that area to an apropiate scale.


Now what?

Now I have to define exactly which one will be my final design, to choose materials and textures, and according with my final design to establish which materials are suitable for my final model.


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