Design development.

So what?

We had two tasks for this part of the project:

Task 1 exercise 1:

From all the research into the historical context of Luton and history of hat making, we have to choose 5 powerful images:

I started to look at hats as part of Luton’s history, and to choose something which is inspiring me.



I choose this shoes because it’s working with hats and I like the pattern.




This is a plane motor as part of Luton history (airport). I like the shape.



Starting by Luton agriculture, I choose this plant for braiding.



 Task 1 exercise 2:

From the images selected on task one, we should draw 5 pages of sketches in our sketchbook:

2015-04-09 12.33.04 2015-04-09 12.33.22 2015-04-09 12.34.08 2015-04-09 12.34.24 2015-04-10 16.32.05 2015-04-09 12.36.13 2015-04-09 14.14.56 2015-04-09 14.15.10 2015-04-09 12.37.56 2015-04-11 12.46.32 2015-04-09 12.35.47 Task 1 exercise 3:

From the 5 images and sketches, we will choose 5 inspirational words.


Task 1 exercise 4:  

Using exercises 1 to 4, make 5 sketch models. STYLE:

For this model, I choose 1:20 scale and I was trying to create an abstract hat using triangles.

2015-04-10 13.39 2015-04-10 14.06.11 2015-04-10 14.11 2015-04-10 14.12.35 BRAIDING: 2015-04-10 16.22.02 2015-04-10 16.26.38MECHANICAL:

Inspired by a plane motor, I was trying to use different shapes and to combine them in different way for a nice and different final outcome. It looks interesting and I like it with light and/or different shadows.

2015-04-10 19.38.34 2015-04-10 19.46.39 2015-04-10 19.50.04SPIKE: 2015-04-10 23.05.10 2015-04-10 23.06.33 2015-04-10 23.07.17STILETTO:

For this model I used black straws, I really like the simplicity of this model and I am thinking to use it for my final model.

2015-04-11 14.07.41 2015-04-11 14.08.48 2015-04-11 14.09.32 DELIVERABLES: A3 Moodboards showing 5 x 5 exercises: mood 1 mood 2 mood 3 mood 4 mood 5

Now what?

I will start to work for Block 3 – Develop. I will try to be more creative and to change few sketch models and sketches.

According with Dawn’s feedback, I’ll change my word “Stiletto” with “Pattern” and I’ll try to be more creative for next step plus plan, section and elevation according with the brief.


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