Site visit and analysis.

So what?

The brief for Discovery Block is to researh the historical, contemporary and cultural context of Luton.

For this part, I visited Stockwood DIscovery Centre, Wardown Park Museum, Hat Factory Luton which is close, High Hats store and Luton and University Library.

As part of the brief is to do a mapping audit of the space, from the corner of Bute Street and Guildford Street right up to main entrance of School of Art and Design.

As a deliverables, we should create:

1 x A3 moodboard showing the site analysis, site map, buildings analysis, street observations, views in and around the site, different journeys.

2 x A3 moodboards showing my research into Luton’s history and the history of the “hat making industry”

1 x A3 moodboard showing your mapping and observations of the users of the space, begin to establish for who I’ll design.

Luton History, companies and activities:

Slide1 Slide2

Hat Making history:


Site analysis:


Space usage:



Different types of hat:



Now what?

It was really interesting to descover Luton’s history. It was a real pleasure to find the Hat factory and to read about hat history.

For next block, Define, I will design something starting by a hat design.


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