Networking skills – Workshop 1

So What?

In this workshop we had an introduction to Networking skills, working as a team, speaking with confidence, finding our professional voice and how to create a professional presence.

What, Why, How, When and Where can be self employed?

Self employed is own business but much simpler than a Partnership or Limited company. In the same time we can work with other artists or employ people.

This lifestyle give us the freedom to decide our hours and ways of working, give us the flexibility to run self employment alongside a part time or full time, we can work in the field that we’ve trained for and we can pay less tax by claiming the costs of self employment against our earnings.

To become self employed, we should register as self-employed with HM Revenue and Customs, the earliest we registered, we must register for tax purposes. We should keep records what we’ll need for book-keeping and Self Assessment and probably a separate bank account. We have to see if use an accountant, how much they cost and whether we really need one.

NB the new Universal benefit is being introduced in stages from April 2013 – 2016

As a self employed we can work from home, in own studio or we can join in a studio group.

Earning money is as a result of selling work or exhibition and open studio events, education work or other freelance work.

Support and business advice:

– Gov UK website, HMRC phone support and You Tube webinars, organisations that provide funding (eg: Arts Councils Crafts Council), careers advice, alumni services, Creative & Cultural Skills Council, arts organisations that provide advice and support (eg: a-n Artquest). Other important organisations are: DACS, Axis and AA2A.

Visual Arts organizations run for and by artists in the Bedfordshire region:

2015-03-31 11.56.28

So what?

I consider to become Self employed, at the beginning I am thinking to be part time and to work full time for a company. I think I still have to learn and to develop my creativity in one direction, and I thing is good to work for a company few years before to become full time self employed. But in this period I can work part time to grow my business.

I consider very important this class, is part of real life and we earn a lot of useful information.


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