RRJ Drawing Class.

So what?

During this 6 classes of drawing we draw from touch, memory, imagination, mapping, landscape, portrait – blind contour, perspective, still life, pattern and texture. This is a huge content in developing drawing skills especially that I did some research after each class. All classes was really challenging, drawing from feeling was absolutely amazing as a perception:

2014-12-03 01.40.10


I was so confuse when I draw this watch, I knew it is a watch but I couldn’t draw more details and I couldn’t receive the information from my touch. I felt almost helpless which was interesting.

Drawing from imagination was interesting too, I draw my room where I live every day and I couldn’t remember a lot of details. It was strange, funny and interesting in the same time, I never realize before that my memory is so selective in receiving information.

Still life was really nice, it was so worm environment in drawing class, everybody was focus on drawing, trying to draw perfect what they saw. I felt exhausted after 3 hours of drawing still life but in the same time was the happiness that I like the result.

2015-03-28 12.11.19


I really enjoyed to draw pattern, it is very creativity and my mind was going to different shapes and shadows. This was a good practice to just copy some patterns, I think this opened my mind to start to create my own pattern.
2015-03-28 12.53.05



2015-03-28 12.53.00


Drawing with pen was really nice, I was more focus because I knew that I can not use eraser, so I tried my best to don’t have any mistakes. I like the contrast between black and white, I found it interesting for a pattern shape. 20150119_154415Here I want to show how freedom is if we have quality content.




A nice practice was blind drawing. This makes me feel out of control, my final sketches looks like I never had a pen in my hand:

2015-03-28 12.10.10


2015-03-28 12.10.04


2015-03-28 12.09.55Now What? 

All together, I enjoyed drawing classes, Mo was really nice and make us fill comfortable. There is a lot of experience an knowledge which I accumulated in this classes, and I will use all this practice in interior design. All this information will help and stimulate my creativity. This unit was very creative and helpful, I was pleased to be part of it, to receive information in worm environment. For shore I will use all this practice in my design process.


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