Gemma’s final lecture.

So what?

In this lecture, Gemma explained us how to approach an exhibition of work by one artist, what our research blog should contain, how to use ‘lecture question’ answers to help us, how to plan/write my essay, what expectation should have from seminar sessions.


On my blog it is critical to answer to the set lecture questions each week with a chronological development.

Initial exhibition options – why is it an option? How is it relevant to my course/practice? Why am I interested in it? What is my final choice of exhibition? Why is better than the others I’ve considered?

My choice of examples (approximately three), show these examples in my blog and explain why I choose them.

My mind map, a well developed mind map which include lots of different contextual positions with explanations or notes for each.

My choice of contextual positions and why are these good choices, research: photographs, images, reading, texts, visits to libraries or museums, interviews, surveys etc. Notes, skeleton plan of essay and bibliography.

Lecture questions can help me to focus on the important elements of the unit, help build a framework to the essay, create a starting point for my research.

How to plan my essay:

Gemma showed us how to organize the essay, the structure of content:


Lecture 5 – Gemma Marmelade

Here, we have the structure of the document:Slide16 Lecture 5 – Gemma Marmelade

Slide17 Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide18Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide20 Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide21 Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide22 Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide23 Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide24 Lecture 5 – Gemma MarmeladeSlide25Lecture 5 – Gemma Marmelade

So what?

Basically Gemma gave us all the information for a perfect essay. I will start to focus at all, and to respect each in my essay.

After all my research, I started to organize my content in a logical and chronological way for a first draft version of essay. After this, I organised bibliography and pictures respecting Harvard referencing system. It was a really painstakingly work, takes ages to respect everything but I want a perfect work, so I worked days and nights for this.

I spoke with Mo few times about essay and I read again and again the brief and Gemma’s Lectures just to make shore that I respected everything.

This essay was really challenging for me, I really enjoyed the Globalization idea and it was a lot of work for me considering that English is not my first language.

At the end I can say that I am pretty happy with my work and I can’t wait to see the results.


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