Class 3, 7 January 2015


Drawing with no seeing, portraiture, facial anatomy.

So what?

In this session, we should draw 5 portraits of 5 colleagues with no looking at the page.

2015-03-28 12.09.13 2015-03-28 12.09.41 2015-03-28 12.09.49 2015-03-28 12.09.55 2015-03-28 12.10.04 2015-03-28 12.10.10

In second part of this class, we should scan our face and to draw what we see.

2015-03-28 12.10.442015-03-28 12.10.25


So what?

Class Question?

How does your drawing style change when you work with a model? What would you do to improve your drawing?

This class was very creative, drawing with no seeing is an interesting practice. It is interesting how you coordinate your eyes with your hand, and at the end you just look and see what you draw.

I think this practice will help me to develop new pattern or texture for my specialize, this is if I will not improve my coordinating skills.

For improving my drawing I will draw more, practice make you better.



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