Class 2, 1 December 2014


Drawing from imagination, landscape

So what?

In second class we ware ask to draw landscape with narrative. We should choose  a landscape day or night (sea, forest, Mountains, island, river) and to add two other items like home/ apartment and vehicle (car, plane, boat). We should add atmosphere too, negative (angry, threatening, sinister, unsettling) or positive (calm, serene, comforting).

2014-12-03 03.05.46


I draw a house in a village in a calm atmosphere, day time. I choose to draw a bike and some birds to keep the nature clear. I draw some mountains as a background too.

I was inspired by my grandparents house area, which is in the middle of the mountains.

So what?

Class Question:

How does your drawing style change when your work with charcoal and on a larger scale? What would you do to improve your drawing?

Working to a large scale is really challenging because all the dimensions tend to change considering that I don’t have experience or practice in. I love this idea, I will start drawing by memory landscapes and buildings, I think this is a really good practice which will help me to develop my drawing skills.



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