Amandine Alessandra – Graphic designer

So What?

At Industry Friday, which is one of the unit this year, Amandine Alessandra came to present us her work. She studied fie art in France and most of her work was based on her student projects.

Screenshot 2015-05-19 14.12.00 Screenshot 2015-05-19 14.12.09

It was interesting to see the relations between language and image.


We then saw her ‘In Vino Veritas’ design for the Milan Design Festival, her adaptation for the Design Merketo at the Barbican and explained how Selfrigdes have used her work.

We were then shown her human typography, inspired by Arthur Mole’s Living Portrait of President Woodrow Wilson, in 1918, where he has used people together to create an image.


This technique of groups working together is used in numerous ways: a message shown in letters on a group’s t-shirts and sandwich boards, used by Charles Dickens 200 years ago. Amandine’s idea was to use bright sleeves to create letters, but unlike the messages on t-shirts or sandwich boards, these are changeable and so the message is changeable. This has been tried out in numerous places including Liverpool Street Station and the zebra crossing at Abbey Road.


This work has been spotted all over the world and used by others – an advertising campaign in America and articles have been written about the technique. It has even been tried in different languages.

Amandine then went on to use choreography in producing typeface. By photographing movement with a thirty second shutter speed the final result is showing a movement.

Amandine then went on to tell us about the book she and her partner, Rute Nieto Ferreirra, have created, which looks at hidden letters within architecture in East London. This alphabet book is aimed at children and uses photography, architecture and typeface to portray the message. ‘The Big Letter Hunt’ has been promoted and sold through their own publishing company, Towerblock Books, and is now having the second edition printed ready for sale. When doing this project Amandine explained that she had to be everything – editor, designer, web designer, branding, project manager, marketing, pr, stockist, retailer and accountant. They have produced badges and postcards to go with the book and have had it featured in Design Week and Creative Review.


Amandine finished by telling us that the work that we do now can have a big impact in the future and that you need to stick with what you like to do.

Now What?

I was impressed about her work and I like her enthusiasm about what she did. She linked all her projects which I will consider to do next.


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