Wardom Park Museum Luton

So what?

As part of my research about history of Luton, I decided to visit Wardom Park Museum.



Baby’s cap and under cap:

Cocktails hats from 1950s:


The Bedfordshire and Herdfordshire Regiment:

Slide4 Slide5

Luton life:


Hat blocking:Slide7

Education after 1930:


Industry in Luton:


Working in Luton:


Luton Carnival:


A collection of sound created by Graeme Leak.

Slide12 Slide13

Site map and landscape:



So what?

I was expected to see more about hat history and trend design development, so I will go to High Hats Luton to see some proper hats with nice design and maybe I can find as well some hats history informations.

In the same time, this museum helped me with Luton history, I had an idea now about what was happened here and I will go to Luton Library to find more and maybe some old maps with Guildford Street and Bute Street. This streets are my area where I will design for Street Space Project, and any information about what was happen in this area, is important for my design development.



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