Stockwood Discovery Centre Luton

So what?

It is a place with lovely gardens and galleries, which tell us a stories about real people behind the collections, exploring the history of the region from prehistoric times to the modern day.

I choose to visit this place according with my new brief, “Street Space”. It is part of my research about Luton History.



This is an interacting space which I found it interesting according with “Street Space” brief.

Slide2 Slide3

Natural landscape:


Gardening tools used during the Second World War:


Ice Age,The Age of forest and The Age of people area:



This is Stockwood House model, made by Leslie Pope in 1983 scale 1:100. This house was build by John Crawley family in 1945 when it was acquired by the town council.


Daily life in Roman Britain:

Slide8 Slide9

Roman Britain:


Ray Amphlett’s model Living Wagon Collection:



This is a very detailed models collection, with excellent interiors and exteriors details.

Now what?

I was impressed about the natural landscape and the models. I saw a lovely Wagon collection and I will try to introduce this kind of model in my work. As well I am thinking to use some interaction model for “Street Space” project.


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