High Hats Luton

So what?

This is a hats store, part of Hats factory business, in Luton where I found some interesting models of hats for different events. 2015-03-10 13.31.422015-03-10 13.03.30 2015-03-10 13.03.34 2015-03-10 13.03.39 2015-03-10 13.03.43 2015-03-10 13.03.49 2015-03-10 13.03.55 2015-03-10 13.03.59 2015-03-10 13.04.07


Now what?

I will choose some of this hats and I will make some more research on internet because I want to start to develop some design considering hats textures or shapes.


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