Cristina Simen20150303_133601 Final cu 3d

This is my final model and A1 poster.

This year my goal is to improve my presentation skills, considering my English Language. Last year I had a very poor vocabulary and it was hard to present my work and my feelings considering that most of the time I couldn’t understand what was happen around me. Starting by this point, I was really happy with my presentation for this project, of course could be better all the time, by comparing with last presentation, I was better and I feel better. Dawn helped me a lot because she has a warm attitude and makes me feel comfortable.

I had a very good feedback by Dawn and my colleagues.

Thalia Winard presentation:

20150303_101623 20150303_101919

For this project, Thalia was focus on black and white. She has an excellent presentation and a lovely idea on her space. She did not have a professional model  or poster and I couldn’t see a design process.

Ilum Ally presentation:

20150303_104041 20150303_105748

Illum designed a table, starting by Gerrit Rietveld’s painting. She has a good presentation, she speaks very good. I couldn’t see a design process at Ilum’s work, basically she reproduce a paint pattern to a different scale, which is not a design meaning.

She has a lovely sketchbook and final A1 poster.

Eunice Kabasele presentation:


Eunice starts her design by natural forms. She has a nice sketchbook with nice ideas. Her final outcome and model wasn’t professional but I like the content. Her final A1 poster looks more like a moodboard.

Honey Olaiya presentation:


Honey has a lovely sketchbook and a nice presentation. I loved her design process and her wood exploration. She had some really nice sketches with furniture and space exploration. Her final outcome was more like a moodboard and not a professional A1 poster but I enjoyed her presentation.


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