Dawn has an excellent idea to present us, MATERIAL LAB, BARR GAZETAS ARCHITECTS and IMAGINATION DESIGN CONSULTANCY in London according with the new brief “Material Lab”.

This trip scope was to understand what is a Material Lab and how it works.



2014-12-09 11.19.30

So what?

This is the entrance, I was really exited to see such a warm interior. As you can see there are different forms with different colors in a open space.
2014-12-09 11.19.19 2014-12-09 11.19.27

There are a lot of materials very good organized.2014-12-09 11.19.36 2014-12-09 11.19.43 2014-12-09 11.19.49 2014-12-09 11.20.41 2014-12-09 11.20.48 2014-12-09 11.20.58 2014-12-09 11.21.25 2014-12-09 11.22.57

At this table there is a place where you can see a material how it looks with a natural or artificial light. This is important to see how material works in different lights before to choose them.

2014-12-09 11.23.11 2014-12-09 11.23.20 2014-12-09 11.25.21

I like the ceiling, there are a lot of stuff on the ceiling but in the same time there are organized to look good. It not makes you feel that you are in a busy space.

2014-12-09 11.29.03 2014-12-09 11.29.37 2014-12-09 11.29.44 2014-12-09 11.31.54 2014-12-09 11.32.03 2014-12-09 11.32.08 2014-12-09 11.33.03 2014-12-09 11.33.36 2014-12-09 11.35.41 2014-12-09 11.35.44

We went downstairs, where is a lovely space, the ceiling here is absolutely nice. There is a white background and they organized different size and colors circles. It looks like a kindergarten, it is a proper space where you can stay and let your mind to just create.

2014-12-09 11.37.00 2014-12-09 11.37.36

There are samples of materials, I saw a different range of materials, some more interesting than others.

2014-12-09 11.38.36 2014-12-09 11.38.57 2014-12-09 11.47.52 2014-12-09 11.48.40

At the end, when we have to choose some samples I was almost confuse, because there are so many colors and so many styles which is absolutely impossible to choose three of them for one space. Considering that I do not have experience in this, it was really hart to choose three materials and when I arrived home, I wasn’t happy with my choose.

Now what?

I will try to use all this information about the space, how is organized, how is working for end user, how are displayed the samples and to use for my Material Lab design. There was some nice ideas about storage and space organisation and the place where you can see a texture in natural light and artificial light make me think about for my new design.



So what?

There is a company who developed a large range of design projects.

Dawn managed to have a chat with the company representative. He showed us in what projects they was involved and how they develop ideas. It was really interesting too see exactly how is in reality a design company, how they are thinking, how they develop and what exactly is happened during a design process on a project.  
  2014-12-09 12.06.34 2014-12-09 12.06.50

I like this glass table. As a utility I don’t think is a good idea, because make me pay attention under the table most of the time.

2014-12-09 12.07.51   They have a space dedicated to design books and magazines. 2014-12-09 13.01.44

So what?

This space make me feel very comfortable. I saw a nice space for design meeting which make me think about my design. I will try to create a space for sharing design ideas, where we will have access to magazines and different samples.



So what?

This is a creative dynamic agency which developed design projects.

Here we have an interesting chat with Dawn’s friend. He explained us how are their projects. He explain us different situations of design development. Or if you design something for an exhibition, which is for few days, you have to consider some cheap materials, because the customer will have a low budget for this.

He recommended us some design books, and he recommended us to try to combine technology in design and to have more connections in different areas. I really enjoyed this chat and this experience, it helped me to open my eyes in different way.

2014-12-09 13.32.17

I think “Imagination” name is representative for this company. This is the reception area.

2014-12-09 14.12.18 2014-12-09 14.13.38

Here is the coffee area, a real creativity space.

2014-12-09 14.14.04 2014-12-09 14.14.10 2014-12-09 14.14.18There are some samples of materials already organized for different projects.
2014-12-09 15.17.33 2014-12-09 15.17.47 2014-12-09 15.17.52 2014-12-09 15.17.56 2014-12-09 15.17.59 2014-12-09 15.18.13 2014-12-09 15.18.20 2014-12-09 15.18.27 2014-12-09 15.18.58 2014-12-09 15.19.04 2014-12-09 15.19.08 2014-12-09 15.20.00 2014-12-09 15.20.08 2014-12-09 15.24.13

Now what?

I will combine technology in design and I will use more connections in different areas. This will help my imagination and creativity.


2014-12-09 13.15.18 2014-12-09 13.15.27 2014-12-09 13.15.41 2014-12-09 13.15.48 2014-12-09 13.16.14 2014-12-09 13.16.26 2014-12-09 13.16.38 2014-12-09 13.16.50 2014-12-09 13.17.09
2014-12-09 13.17.26 2014-12-09 13.18.40 2014-12-09 13.19.17 2014-12-09 13.19.25 2014-12-09 13.20.52

I love this garden, it gives you a warm mood. Unfortunately we wasn’t allow to make photos and we have to leave that place.

2014-12-09 13.21.37 2014-12-09 13.23.04


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