The Polhill Campus – Bedford

So what?

This Bedford Trip was dedicated to analyse and to map a new building for students. The Polhill Campus is a new building at Bedfordshire University in Bedford. Entire building was build for students usage, all building is organized in three levels.

The main entrance is with an open space, a very compact social area with natural light and nice view to the campus area.

2015-01-13 11.08.55I was impressed about the ceiling which is completing the big picture considering the simplicity through the space. In the same time, it is a good idea for acoustic, keeping quiet a space with traffic.

2015-01-13 11.09.07

I like the colors in this seating corner, I don’t think that this glass table is a good idea near this youthful seat. I just don’t see them together, looks like two different family.

2015-01-13 11.11.20

I like the colors, I like this green, it makes you open for changes which I think is useful for a student area. This area looks warm and sporty, like a living room for teens.

2015-01-13 11.14.55


2015-01-13 11.14.30

2015-01-13 11.15.04 2015-01-13 11.15.44 2015-01-13 11.15.52

I like this seating area inside the wall, I saw similar seating at the windows in houses or balcony, but I think that this space is very good optimized with this open walls.

2015-01-13 11.15.58 2015-01-13 11.17.11 2015-01-13 11.18.27 2015-01-13 11.19.50

At Level one, there are spaces for lectures. There are completely equipped and furnished. There is a nice mobile wall which can separate the space. They use different size for desks and chairs which is useful for students and is suitable for the space dimension.

Here is a nice combination on the ceiling, this wood is creating a warm atmosphere in all this impersonal space.

2015-01-13 11.21.42

2015-01-13 11.27.39

I like this furniture, is a different design and it looks more fancy than other traditional design.

2015-01-13 11.27.56

2015-01-13 11.32.06

I really was impressed about the corridors, there are spacious and I think is a perfect dimension to makes you feel comfortable.

2015-01-13 11.32.12 2015-01-13 11.32.39
I like this modular table, looks nice and helps for saving space. In the same time you can organize in different ways.
2015-01-13 11.33.50

2015-01-13 11.40.53

In next picture is a room which was designed and they doesn’t organized the light at the beginning. After they put furniture and finished the space they realized that the light is not centered on top of the table. In this case this light could be moved but is a good example to consider when you design a space.

2015-01-13 11.41.07 2015-01-13 11.41.28

There are warm spaces where they used only one color except the neutrals.

2015-01-13 11.43.59
2015-01-13 11.45.39 2015-01-13 11.46.58 2015-01-13 11.47.07

2015-01-13 11.49.13

The staircase are large and have a nice combinations of wood and glass.

2015-01-13 11.49.51 2015-01-13 11.50.04 2015-01-13 11.50.17

I like this modular tables, there are with electricity which make them functional in a different way.

2015-01-13 11.50.54 2015-01-13 11.51.00This space I consider very creative in terms of utility. The tables are organized in ascending order which helps students for a good viewing. That space wasn’t too high to can create a proper amphitheater so they found this solution which I consider smart. It is like an illusion made by furniture.

2015-01-13 11.51.33 2015-01-13 11.52.09 2015-01-13 11.54.16 2015-01-13 11.54.21

2015-01-13 12.09.05I was impressed to hear that the interior colors was choose considering the exterior environment colors. This is an interesting start point which I would like to use in my next design. 
2015-01-13 12.35.03
2015-01-13 12.22.59It was a helpful trip, where Dawn open my mind with a lot of details which until now I didn’t pay attention or I didn’t realize it. 

Now what?

I will think more about colours, to linked them with outside environment. I loved this idea, I found it interesting.


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