Class 1, 24 November 2014

Starting by the brief, at the end of this unit we have to provide evidence of the work that we produced in the workshops on our blog, which should have at least 20 images and max 500 words of reflective writing for each of the 3 Skill Sets that you have experienced and one high quality, printed, A2 poster reflecting on the theme ‘2025 – Nostalgia for an age yet to come’, demonstrating the skills you have learnt from one of skill sets. This final outcome could be an A2 poster of drawing, photography, photographic 3D form, finished print or a print produced by a digital design process.


Drawing classes, intro to the course, drawing from touch, memory, imagination, mapping

So What?

At first class we spoke about purposes of drawing.

Purposes of drawing are to describe, record, document, explore, examine, remember, change, express, re invent etc.

1. Perception:

The drawing is done primarily for the need, pleasure, interest or benefit of the person doing the drawing.

2. Communication:

The intention is to communicate sensations, feelings or ideas to someone else.

3. Inventions:

Idea is at the beginning stage of the process of drawing.

After we make an idea about drawing, we ware organized in groups, three people in each and we start to exploit drawing by touching and feelings.

The idea was to draw what I feel and I couldn’t see. My team colleagues should choose an object and to put into my hand and I couldn’t see what it was because my hand was at the back.

My colleagues Thalia and Fatma, choose for me a watch and I start drawing exactly what I field.

2014-12-03 01.40.10

Drawing from memory:

In second part we should draw from memory a map with our route from home to studio in University.

 2014-12-03 01.57.17

I tried to draw a rotation where to show second level in Alexon building, lift and other corridors and doors through studio, after that I draw the roads through my home in Luton, respecting all the round about and other perpendicular streets in that way.

This was hard to realize because I couldn’t respect any scale for the map and I couldn’t organize the page proper. But practice make you better.

The third drawing was from memory about my room:

2014-12-03 02.41.28

Now what? 

Class Question:

How does your drawing style change when you work from memory?

I love this idea, I really enjoyed this practice. I couldn’t respect the dimension and I forgot some furniture. Apparently I forgot details from my room which was designed by me. But this practice is useful and I will continue to draw by memory, I feel very intriguing.

This class was absolutely amazing, I never realize before now how my mind can distorts the reality. Is true that memory is not photography but it was interesting to see how many details I forgot or how big differences are comparing drawing with the real space.

I consider very interesting this experience, is really interesting how our mind is working when you don’t know what is it or when you realize what is it, how it was in my case, but you really can not imagine the color or other details like mechanism or what is graven on it. I consider this exercise really important for developing ideas because you can know the shape but you don’t have the details, and starting with shapes you can develop your own idea with your own details.


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