Workshop 1

On the first workshop, Sylvia introduced us in a new environment. It’s all about how you can interact with your 3D model using smart materials, smart system and smart design. I was impressed about “I root Roomba 555, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner” who basically is working by itself, taking your room coordinates and clean with no human interaction.

Arduino is an open source platform micro controller, which you can use to do electronics project, automated things.

The principals is that you have Input which is Processing and will result an Output.

On the first workshop we use Conductive paint as a Button Arduino Code.

2014-10-31 12.25.36


The idea is that we paint our 3D model with this Electric Paint, we let it to dry, we connect the paint area to resistor and when somebody will touch the paint area, a LED will light.

We start to understand the mechanism as it shows in the picture:

2014-10-31 11.51.01


And after that we paint a piece of paper with Conductive Paint:

2014-10-31 12.25.12


How long the paper was drying we start preparing the code:

Screenshot 2014-11-06 15.05.16


We use a template code and we modified the time for the LED, how long to be light and how long to be of considering that 1000 in Arduino means 1 real second.

After this, we connect the paint paper to the mechanism an the LED start  lighting when somebody touch the paper.

2014-10-31 11.51.47



Workshop 2

On second workshop, we used same Conductive Paint but at this time, when you touch the paint paper, the output should be a movie playing.

This sketch receives the value from Arduino’s serial monitor and use it to play movies of touch is detect.

We use Processing Code:

Screenshot 2014-11-06 20.41.38


We choose a short movie (30 seconds) in .mov format and we put the file in DATA folder.

After that we just run the script and when we touch the paint paper, the movie start playing.

This was a really interesting workshop, because we start to understand exactly what’s happen and how many things we can do with Arduino.

For example we will can use distance sensor, detect presents of a person or playing sound/ movie. This is a really interesting way to interact with a model and now I have to decide what kind of interaction I will choose for my final model.


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